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Club Nintendo 2010 Calendar

Here ya go kindly folks! I meant to post this aaaaaaaaaaaaages ago but just today was reminded I had the files and needed to clean them up! Spent the last few hours resizing, despecking, and tidying up. They're not perfect but each month (which has a front and back) is 3000px by 2498px so they should be plenty big enough to resize for whatever your desires!

My wife got this calendar for being an Elite Club Nintendo member so even if you have points there's no way to get this thing today. It's on my desk right now and is pretty bitchin'. I just had to share the great layouts and art... even if it took me just over 4 months to remember. Hope you like! Here's two links, just 'cuz:



Game Informer - Issue #200

Hello -waves- I'm new here, and I was looking for a place to share stuff like this with everyone. I hope this is allowed... What I mean is that I don't want to clutter the page with spam regarding only an image or two from each series. I just find some really amazing images in Game Informer and wish to share. I apologize if this is a no-no.

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Download Here @ crackxicons
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Prototype, The Art Of

Been a member of this community for a while and never posted any scans until now. Anyway, got ahold of a limited edition Prototype Artbook (since I've recently become obsessed with the game) and scanned all the images inside this small hardcover book for you guys.

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Please let me know if any links are incorrect, or missing. ENJOY!
GoT - Arya
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Fallout 3 Survival Guide scans

Just found this community and I figured I should contribute what little I have. Not sure if anyone is even interested but a while back I scanned in the Vault Dweller's Survival Guide that Bethesda handed out at PAX 08. I think I missed a few pages, and I could go back and add them in if anyone was desperate for them.

Sample Pic (the quality is a bit lower because photobucket sucks)

Download here
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DMC4 Concept Art

I have some Devil May Cry 4 character concept artwork that I'd like to share with you guys. I love the artwork, especially the many styles of Nero. :D

There's a whole bunch so be my guest to take a gander. I also have them all zipped in a folder for easy downloading, the zipped images are pretty big though (over 1700x3000px) and about 83MB total.

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PS: Does anyone here have a dA account? I just started a new one and I'm trying to find friends and watchers while my gallery builds up. Hit me up whenever you have the time!

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - Jill

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

Hello everyone, i've been a member since this first opened but i've yet to have anything to contribute...till now! I'm a huge fan of Marvel Vs. Capcom, my brother and I played it like crazy on his dreamcast. Recently i went on a hunt for its artwork and this is what i turned up. Each character has 2 pieces of artwork i think, one for 1P and one for 2P but i can't find them all for all characters. and some characters none at all (like magneto) ._. But i hope this will be of some use to someone!


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