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Crisis Core Lovin'

Like whoa, looks like someone already beat me to it with the crisis core stuff. Kinda creepy. hahah~

I'm gunna post my stuff anyway 'cause they're pretty big.

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Also you guys, I have dozens of random FMV screenshots of the game. If you want me to upload them leave a comment.

AND JUST A REMINDER, when sharing your stuff, make sure you tag them. Tagging helps people find exactly what they want. My friend has been the Tag Police and has been tagging the entires that were left blank. hahah.

SH4 Request!

Hay thar!

First off, brilliant community. I was just thinking today that since Halloween is over, I should take down my horror movie header and make a layout featuring my current obsessive OTP.

SO. Does anyone have scans of Henry and / or Eileen from Silent Hill 4? They don't have to be in the scan together, but I would like a nice selection of pictures of both characters for the purposes of icons and such.

If you aren't allowed to request without sharing scans, mods, please let me know! I've got some nice Rule of Rose stuff I can post.

EDIT: ZIP file containing approximately one hundred Rule of Rose CG renders, two wallpapers (of Jen and the collective villains), and screen captures! If ZIP files are frowned upon, I can upload these to ImageShack or summat. I only want to do right by this community since you've all helped me out a lot. -3-
In any case, I have no qualms about re-uploading the file if it ever expires.

Thanks in advance. ♥