Fifi (hitori) wrote in gamecandy,

Double Post, but screenshot mode enabled~

Sorry for a double post, but I was looking and saw some people wanted screencaps and mentioned Shatterheart. xD A few days ago I decided to reinstate the website, so you can go there now~

Note - a lot of galleries are down, but I'm recapping things and uploading as fast as possible~ I've been a bit busy the last few days, though.

Some new stuff I've recently added:

The 3rd Birthday Screenshots

Final Fantasy XIII FMV Screenshots

Final Fantasy XIII Cutscene screenshots
(I'm currently working to upload the last/missing chapters. I was also doing the script at the same time and it seems I fumbled a bit an accidentally deleted a couple chapters. xD)

And this is the screenshot index:

I looooooooove to screencap, so expect lower quality images to eventually be replaced with higher quality images once I get a new capture equipment. (In multiple moves I lost my old stuff!)

Hope someone finds the screencaps useful! As said before, I'll be adding more over time! :D (Need to replace the FF7~10 and Dissidia ones for now...)

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