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a community for videogame visuals

Game Candy
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A community for video game visuals.
.hack, action, ada wong, albedo, arc the lad, arcades, art, artwork, atari, atelier iris, atlus, balthier, bartholomew fatima, big boss, bishies, bloody roar, breath of fire, capcom, caps, castlevania, chaos legion, chris redfield, chrono cross, chrono trigger, clock tower, cloud strife, computer games, computers, cosplay, dante, dark cloud, design, devil may cry, digital devil saga, disgaea, donkey kong, dragon quest, drakengard, dynasty warriors, fatal frame, ffvii, ffx, fighting, final fantasy, galerians:ash, gameboy, gamers, games, gaming, girl gamers, god of war, grandia, graphic design, graphics, guilty gear, halo, harry mason, heavenly sword, henry townshend, hwoarang, icons, images, japan, japanese, jet force gemini, jin kazama, katamari, king of fighters, kingdom hearts, koei, konami, koudelka, legacy of kain, leon kennedy, luigi, magna carta, mario, mega man, metal gear solid, metriod, microsoft, monolith soft, mortal kombat, n64, namco, nintendo, okage, okami, onimusha, otacon, parasite eve, perfect dark, persona, phoenix wright, pictures, playstation, pokemon, prince of persia, ps2, psp, radiata stories, raiden, requests, resident evil, resources, revolver ocelot, rpgs, ryu, samurai warriors, scans, screencaps, sega, shadow hearts, shin megami tensei, silent hill, snes, solid snake, sonic, sony, soul calibur, spies, squall leonhart, square-enix, star ocean, street fighter, suikoden, super mario bros, survival horror, tales of, tekken, the bouncer, tidus, vagrant story, valkyrie profile, vergil, video, video games, vincent valentine, wii, wild arms, world of warcraft, xbox, xenogears, xenosaga, yoshi, yuri hyuga, zelda, zell dincht, zidane tribal


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